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Viking and Medieval Dublin
Viking and Medieval Dublin

Viking and Medieval Dublin

Have you ever wondered how Dublin got its name? Or where medieval Dubliners went for a pint? Download this audioguide to experience life in Viking and Medieval Dublin! This audio tour will help you travel backwards in time, to strip back the metal, glass and concrete of modern Dublin and replace it with timber, wattle, thatch and stone.

You will hear about the Viking settlement, how they lived, loved, prayed, played, traded, fought and died in Dublin, and about the bloody Battle of Clontarf in 1014 and the repercussions on the Viking colony. You will also hear about how life in Dublin changed dramatically following the Norman invasions, and how these new conquerors built in stone, leaving us some of Dublin's most iconic structures like Dublin Castle and Christchurch Cathedral. You will meet a young boy at Christchurch called Lambert Simnel, who despite being only 10 years old, posed one of the greatest threats the Tudor Dynasty ever faced. You will also discover how Dubliners pulled together in the fourteenth century to repel the Bruce invasion, and later how they battled a much more deadly foe – The Black Death.

Combining the latest archaeological evidence with historical sources, this guide offers an insight and introduction into how Dublin developed into the thriving modern capital of Ireland.


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Script Written by Neil Jackman. Narrated by Aideen Wylde.

10 Tracks, Total Running Time: 53mins

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