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FAQ Please Read Prior to Download

Using Your Abarta AudioGuide

The guides have been designed to be as enjoyable whether you are at the particular site or whether you are sitting in your favourite armchair at home.

Each guide acts like an ‘album’, with the features of the particular site being the ‘songs’ in their own particular track. This ensures that if you find you have to skip a building or feature, it is easy to do so, making sure that you easily get the information you want, when you want it. If you are at the site, then the tracks are generally ordered to create a flowing route around the site, with an introduction to give you the background and a conclusion to summarise the site.

File Format & Download


NB Do not download directly onto a smartphone or tablet, please download onto your PC, laptop or MacBook first, then transfer onto your smartphone or tablet through the computer.

All Abarta Audioguides are in Mp3 format. This ensures that it is accessible and useable across the vast majority of playback devices. The guides will be useable on any mobile phone or smartphone that have Mp3 capability, any Mp3 player, iPods, iPhones, iPads or other tablets and even your home computer, laptop or MacBook.
Upon purchase an email will be sent to you with a link to download the guides.

iTunes is the recommended player but all up to date media players are compatible.

How Do I Get My Guides?

When you have paid you will be sent an email from us with a link below where it says
“once your payment has been confirmed you can click on the link below to access your downloadable products”

Click the link and it will return you to the site. Select your download. It will be downloaded as one zipped folder for ease of use.

To unzip your file (Windows)

1. Double-click the zipped file.
2. In the window that opens, click Extract all files. The Extraction Wizard will open.
3. Click Next.
4. In the Select a Destination panel, select the location where you want the folder to be placed, for example, the Desktop. Click Next.
In the Extraction Complete panel, select Show extracted files. Check Finish. The unzipped files appear in a new window.
Simply copy all your files into a media browser
Transfer your files from the media player into your playback device (method depends on manufacturer but it should be simple).

To unzip your file (Mac)

You will receive a message saying you have chosen to open xxxxx xxxxx (Cahir Castle for example) which is a zip archive. Click Save File
Double click on the saved zip file (will appear either on your desktop or in your downloads section dependent upon your configuration) it will ‘expand files’
Simply select all the files and copy them into a media browser.
Transfer your files from the media player into your playback device (method depends on manufacturer but it should be simple).



How Long are the Guides?

The number of tracks for the guides and the total duration are listed in the table below

Guide Tracks Total Duration Price
1916 Easter Rising 1 Introduction
2 St. Stephen’s Green
3 O’ Connell Street
4 The GPO
5 Moore Street
6 Parnell Street
7 Garden of Remembrance
8 The Proclamation of Independence
43 mins €1.99
Cahir Castle 1 Introduction
2 The Barbican
3 The Outer Ward
4 The Middle Ward
5 The Trapping Area
6 The Inner Ward
7 The Great Hall
8 The Gate House
9 Conclusion
33 mins €1.99
Clonmacnoise 1 Introduction
2 Visitors Center
3 The Cathedral
4 Temple Dowling
5 Temple Melaghlin
6 Temple Ciarán
7 Temple Kelly
8 Temple Connor
9 Temple Fighnin
10 The Round Tower
11 The Graveyard
12 Ecclesiastical Enclosures and Conclusion
40 mins €1.99
Dún Aonghasa 1 Introduction
2 The Geology of the Aran Islands
3 Dun Aonghasa
4 The Black Fort
5 Dun Eochla
6 Dun Eoghanachta
7 Conclusion
28 mins €1.99
Glendalough 1 Introduction
2 The Gateway
3 The Cathedral
4 The Priests House
5 St. Kevin’s Kitchen
6 St. Ciaran’s Church
7 The Round Tower
8 St. Mary’s Church
9 The Green Road
10 Reefert Church
11 St. Kevin’s Cell
12 St. Kevin’s Bed and Temple-na-Skellig
13 Trinity Church
14 St. Saviours Church
15 Laurence O’Toole
16 Conclusion
44 mins €1.99
Hill of Tara 1 Introduction
2 Banqueting Hall
3 St. Patrick
4 The Churchyard
5 Rath of the Synods
6 Fort of the Kings
7 Mound of the Hostages
8 The Royal Seat
9 House of Cormac
10 The Sloping Trenches
11 Rath Grainne
12 Conclusion
42 mins €1.99
Kilkenny Castle 1 Introduction
2 The Castle Gate
3 The Courtyard
4 The Withdrawing Room
5 The Dining Room
6 The Entrance Hall
7 The Tapestry Room
8 The First Floor
9 Library and Drawing Room
10 The Second Floor
11 Picture Gallery Wing
12 Kitchen & Tea Rooms
13 Castle Gardens
14 Cromwell and the Castle
15 Conclusion
36 mins €1.99
The Rock of Cashel 1 Introduction
2 Reception
3 Dining Room
4 The High Cross
5 Cathedral
6 Hore Abbey
7 Round Tower
8 Cormac’s Chapel
9 Museum
10 Conclusion
31 mins €1.99


Transferring Your Guide to Your Device or CD

To transfer your guide onto your Mp3 device, please follow the devices instructions as this will vary from device to device. You can burn the guide to a CD, again follow your devices manual, but do take note to ensure that the CD is solely for your own use and must not be copied or distributed. To do so would be to contravene copyright law.

Payment Method

Abarta AudioGuides uses PayPal, the worlds most trusted internet monetary transfer system. All credit card details are processed through PayPal, so we do not hold any financial information for our customers. However you do not need to hold a PayPal account, simply register on our site and enter your details and PayPal will process the transaction with no fuss for you.

Privacy and Personal Data Protection

As we use PayPal (the securest way of transferring funds online) we do not hold your account or credit card details. Please see our Privacy Policy

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