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We are an Irish company providing interpretation to cultural and heritage sites. The products are downloadable Mp3 files and smartphone applications, that describe and discuss the key events and places of Irish history. However we don’t think history is just about strong men and great battles. You also need to hear the little sidebar stories to illustrate the lives of the ordinary people that lived in exceptional times and places.

So while we enjoy a well-made documentary on BBC4, we’re also partial to a bit of Coronation Street or the Sopranos. Because we know that along with being informative, history should also be entertaining, you should get to hear of all the twists and turns.

We use music and sound effects to convey the mood and immerse you in the moment, because sometimes words are not enough. Our audioguides will put you the listener centre stage, and make you wonder how you would have reacted during the 1916 Easter Rising, or what life would have been like at the court of Brian Boru.

In summary, we want to convey Ireland’s amazing history, and you can enjoy our guides whether you are at the Hill of Tara or sitting in your favourite armchair at home. Just download one of our guides, and become immersed in the sensational story of Ireland.


Neil Jackman (Various)

Neil is the owner, director, writer, researcher, photographer, editor, producer and pot washer of Abarta Audioguides. After studying Archaeology at the University of Wales, Lampeter - Neil moved to Ireland in 1999 and has worked on archaeological sites across the country, including directing the high profile excavation of a wonderfully preserved early medieval mill at Kilbegly in County Roscommon. A book on that excavation by Neil is due to be published in 2013 by Wordwell Press.

After the complete collapse of the construction industry in Ireland during the ongoing recession, Neil and a group of others decided that combining the deep love and passion for archaeology with tourism could be a good way of continuing to contribute to Irish Heritage.

Aideen Wylde (Voice Artist)

Aideen is the voice of Abarta Audioguides. She holds a first class Masters in Drama and Theatre Studies from U.C.C. Aideen is co-founder of Cheery Wild Productions with Cork actor Tadhg Hickey. In 2011 they staged a sell-out run of their debut work “Love All”, directed by eminent theatre maker Donal Gallagher, at the Clonmel Junction Festival and which went on to sell out at Bewley’s Café Theatre. Described as “…currently the funniest, smartest , most entertaining show on stage..” (Peter Crawley, The Irish Times), “Love All” is currently on a national tour and is programmed for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 2012. Aideen has extensive experience in the theatre, you can find details of her fantastic play at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cheery-Wild-Productions/165297306862884

Rob Laird (Sound Engineer)

Rob is a producer and the sound engineer of Abarta Audioguides. Rob qualified as a sound engineer from Poppyhill School of Recording, and set up his own recording studio in Co. Kildare in 2009, Black Rose Recording Studio.

He has worked with numerous artists on many diverse projects, from traditional Irish music to boy bands, with some classic rock thrown in for good measure. 

Abarta Audioguides have provided a very different type of challenge, requiring crisp, clear vocals combined with high quality music and sound effects to give the listener a sense of a place in time. It has also given Rob the excuse to occasionally take time out from his other full time job, his 1 year old daughter!

Enda Seery (Music)

Enda writes and performs all of the music used in the audioguides. An experienced traditional musician Enda hails from a very musical family in County Westmeath. Enda is currently studying a Masters in Traditional Irish Music. His critically acclaimed album The Winding Clock is the source of much of the music used in our audio guides.

You can find Enda and his album on his website: http://www.endaseery.com/home.php

Gavin Harrison (Sound Effects)

Gavin Harrison is a freelance composer, sound designer and mastering engineer from Suffolk, England. His music is published by Audio Network, featuring performances by the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. His collaborations with Jeff Caylor are available on iTunes and he has provided remixes under the name ‘Gridlocked’ for the Silk Sofa label on Beatport. For further information, and to listen to some tracks, visit: www.gavinharrisonsounds.com.